We leave for Buffalo/Fort Supply Oklahoma in 1 week!!

In 1 week we will be leaving for western Oklahoma and the old Custer Trail. We will be stagecoaching in some of the most historic part of the old west. Not only is this the Custer Trail, but also the Great Western Cattle Drive Trail. This was the main trail to the legendary Cowtown of Dodge City Kansas. This trail had over 7 million cattle pushed on it and over 1 million horses in its years from 1873 to the late 1880’s and early 90’s. By the 1880’s, barb wire was bringing an end to the cattle drive era. The coach and crew will be dropping off and picking up passengers each day as we crisscross this region. Nightly campfires, chuckwagon cooking, and music!!!!   To all our friends and family we so look forward to sharing this great adventure and we so look forward to all the new friends we will meet along the trail WESTERN DREAMS here we come!

  1. Checking the 1880’s stagecoach over. Grease the wheels. Tighten nuts and bolts. Check chains. Vacuum inside. Made new covers for outside seat cushions.
  2. Coach horses almost ready
  3. Riding horses almost ready
  4. Oil and pack tack, ropes, buckets, hay, feed
  5. Gathering camping supplies, tools, tarps, tables, chairs, flashlights, headlamps, clothes, raingear, sunscreen, guitars, food, and a Bible