TUESDAY APRIL 23, 2019 —-Excerpt from Cowboy Rick’s 2004 Journal

April 30, 2004  Dodge City Kansas

5:30a m  we were awakened by a sudden gust of wind, and we set about to start the day. Dry clothing was instantly turned into heavy, rain soaked material. Animals, consisting of 10, were fed. A crew meeting was called to establish the days schedule. This would be the daily routine thru out the trip.

Two schools would be visited today. Bright Beginnings Headstart and Beeson Elementary, named after a former marshal in Dodge City, with the first of over 3000 pen pal letters from kids in southern Missouri to be delivered. The response was overwhelming and the looks on the children’s faces were priceless as they held their letters, some clutching them closely to their little bodies with trembling hands.  As trailboss, I, Rick Hamby, knew that this would be as binding to the crew as it would be for the children.

As the day went on the rain and wind continued, but the horses and mules must be readied for tomorrow’s departure. We decided that part of the crew would be assigned the task of going to Boot Hill Cemetery and make decisions on departing, while others would begin to work the coach animals. By the end of the day all were tired but ready to set out across Kansas heading toward the great Cimmarron