Thursday June 14, 2018 Back from Buffalo Oklahoma

  We had a wonderful and blessed stagecoach trip to Oklahoma. We met new friends and bonded with old friends. We escorted the Journey Stagecoach miles upon miles. We had the best campsites and great trail rides almost everyday! We rode horses over the hillsides and thru red clay canyons. We were fed well, cooked a lot ourselves, drank a lot of water because it was pretty hot, heard great music, and had wonderful conversations that we will never forget. We are so appreciative of everything the crew has accomplished. We are so thankful for our hosts in Buffalo and all they did for us. You all are gracious and kind.

The crew took some time off for trail riding in western Oklahoma. Above they are at a canyon called Devil’s Gap

Coaching near Camp Kibby-Pat & Lori Howell Ranch

Bill Bennett having fun  We are moving right along here in a nice trot. About 7 mph

  Long time friend Tom French and Cowgirl

  Ronnie Wells and Randy Harper are the real deal. Proud to have them on our crew

  Prisoner stockade at Fort Supply. General Phillip Sheridan and Col. George Custer established this fort in 1868

    Christian Miller was hard at work filming and photographing everything he could. What a pleasure he was to be around


       Reconstructed walls of Fort Supply