When reading and studying history, I have found myself drawn to those people who’s names we may not know, but who accomplished incredible feats. Some of these forgotten names were at one time household names. Here are a few examples.

Christopher and Mrs. Ludwig were considered by George Washington to be two of the country’s dearest patriots.Trained in the art of baking, Christopher was known as the Baker General for the Continental Army.

Samuel Whittemore, known as the oldest colonial combatant, was 78 years old when he made his historic fight. It was April 19, 1775, Whittemore, a farmer, ambushed British soldiers of the 47th regiment. Though greatly outnumbered, he dispatched multiple soldiers before he was shot and bayonetted multiple times and left for dead. He recovered and lived for 18 more years, dying at the age of 96.

Nate Champion, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, Henry Newton Brown, Lucien Maxwell. For some great reading and exciting history, Google these names and hang on to your hats pardners!!!!!