We’re hoping everyone has come into the new year and thru the winter in good shape.

We have had great reviews and success with our book, Last Stage To Matador. Thanks to all who have purchased a copy. If you haven’t had a chance to get a book, check out the store here on this website.

We have book signings and events we will put on the calendar, as well as a new program we are setting up with the help of some great friends to get our books into nursing homes, assisted living, and senior centers. More info to follow as we get the program set up!!

Here are a few photo’s for you to enjoy!

  Here is Rick with Buck Taylor and Alex Davis. We had the pleasure of working with Buck Taylor at Silver Dollar City, Branson. We love Gunsmoke and ALL the other great movies and shows he has acted in. He is also a very accomplished artist. Rick met Alex when Alex was 6 in Hachita New Mexico. They met on stagecoach trip #1. Alex is 22 now and stagecoached with us in 2018 in Buffalo Oklahoma. You can read about our amazing friend Alex in our book.

   Doc and Mildew are enjoying the winter snowstorm. They enjoy the hay we grow and are doing well. They can freely go into the barn but spend very little time in there. They are outdoorsy guys

  Rick rides up to the stagecoach to tell Gracie she needs more rest before she can get down. Margaret Miller, Phyllis Hamby, and Scott Lees enjoy a quick chat before Rick moves on.


  Our great friend and crew member Rick Lamar rides his horse Chester along side the stagecoach. Rick is one of those great guys who will always offer himself, his gear, and his heart for others