What decade would you choose to live in?

One of my favorite questions to ask myself and others is, “If you could live in any decade in American history, what decade would you choose?”

It’s always interesting to hear the answers and why they chose that decade. I also catch myself guessing what decade a person will pick, either by their demeanor, dress, or age.

The pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, the Revolutionary War, the gold rushes, the cattle drive era, Civil War times, the mountain man era, the wild west. These are some of the most chosen times. Mine would be the 1870’s. Barb wire didn’t come along until 1874, so there would be no fences. Cattle drives were in full swing. Buffalo were still roaming the west. Wagon trains crisscrossed the west and stagecoaching was in the height of its glory!

I would like to hear your decade of choice and why!

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Cowboy Rick